THE BIBLE OF NETWORK MARKETING for seasoned leaders and
first-timers alike

By Dr. Joe Rubino



----THE BIBLE OF NETWORK MARKETING for seasoned leaders and first-timers alike

Network marketing is one of the most accessible and affordable entrepreneurial ventures around, offering the potential for astounding success with little investment and little risk. In fact, anyone can build their own network marketing organization and operate it from home with little money and no employees. All it takes to succeed is wise planning and good advice-two things you'll find in abundance here.

The primary reason most network marketers fail is that they fail to plan adequately.

Now, this straightforward, practical guide presents a proven seven-step system for network marketing success. Based on Joe Rubino's thirteen years of research and experience building his own successful network, it presents field-tested, effective advice on what it takes to get ahead-and get rich-in network marketing. Backed with real-world examples and practical guidance, Rubino outlines the seven core steps for network marketing success:


----Check Your State of Mind and Maintain Your Posture

When you contact a new prospect, do you ask yourself, “Who am I being that would either attract or turn off this prospect?" Are you organized, calm, and focused-or are you nervous, rushed and flustered? Is your presentation enthusiastic and powerful-or weak and whiny? Does your prospect sense any urgency or desperation in your voice? Have you conveyed to them that you would love to work with them in building a business-but you do not NEED them to join you?

Do you project success and confidence? Have you checked your belief level? Do you have any unresolved objections about what you are doing? Do you understand the powerful network marketing concepts well enough to share your belief in them with others? What is your interpretation of sharing your opportunity with your prospect-i.e., are you intruding and bothering them or offering them the gift of the awesome power of possibilities? Closely examine your presentation. If you’re prospecting in person, do your dress and appearance speak of success? Do you value your time and your prospects’ and convey this to them, or do you seem to have all the time in the world, implying that you’re really not up to much? When you speak, use the combined credibility of your company and its most successful leaders. Be proud of what you do. Convey your certainty that it is a privilege to work with you and your company. Got the idea?

So, what I’m really asking is, “Would you want you as a business partner...?" Examine the following list to see which of the qualities are ones you now possess. Then, go on to identify those qualities that, if further developed, would enhance your ability to attract others.

Develop your vision
Create a detailed plan for realizing that vision
Master effective prospecting
Become an enrollment machine
Train others to excel
Become more effective through personal development
Learn to be a truly inspiring leader


By planning and enacting these steps in a careful, methodical way, anyone can grow their network marketing organization from a one-man operation to a million-dollar enterprise. Start now-success is only seven steps away.



"The Network Marketing Bible is education, motivation, inspiration. This is the most complete book ever written on network marketing."

------ - Charles Tremendous Jones
------ CEO, Executive Books

"If you are starting a network marketing business, don't do another thing until you read Joe Rubino's, Seven Step System to Building a Million Dollar Network Marketing Dynasty. You'll not only discover the foundation of building a successful business but find out how to take advantage of the web and internet to beat the competition. If you're going to create an abundant business, this is the place to start!

------ - Kevin Hogan
------ Author of The Science of Influence, and, The Psychology of Persuasion

"Dr. Joe Rubino’s “7 Step System" outlines exactly what it takes to build an ultra-successful Oxyfresh business. By following these steps, I replaced my 6-figure income after 18 months.

------ - Dr. Tom Ventullo
------ Oxyfresh International Director and Advisory Board


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