At The Center for Personal Reinvention, we offer personal or group coaching by phone on a variety of topics to champion your life and business. These include but are not limited to:
  • Implementing a Powerful, Customized Personal Development ProgramCreating Extreme Self-Esteem
  • Achieving top success in Network Marketing
  • Increasing Productivity in Any Business
  • Becoming a Powerful Life or Business Coach Certified by The Center for Personal Reinvention
  • Living an Upset-Free Life
  • Eliminate Paralyzing Fears
  • Becoming a Powerful Communicator and Listener
  • Stepping into Leadership or Developing Other Leaders
  • Increasing Charisma and Personal Effectiveness
  • Making the Law of Attraction Work in Your Life
  • Building Powerful Teams
  • Resolving Childhood Traumas and Upsets
  • Mentoring to Write or Publish Your Own Book
  • How to Create an Effective Internet Marketing Campaign to Sell Any Product or Service
  • Identify Your Most Important Values and Develop a Specific Plan to Honor Them
  • Creating Powerful Intimate or Business Relationships
  • Identifying Your Automatic Listening Style and How it Limits You
  • Designing a 3, 6 or 12 Month Business Plan for Extreme Accomplishment
  • Designing a Stress-free Life of No Regrets
  • Personal Mentoring to Attain Top Success in Network Marketing
  • Master the Art of Prospecting and Enrollment
  • Attract Abundance by Creating a Million Dollar Mindset
  • Achieve Fulfillment, Fully Express Your Gifts, Identify and Live Your Life-Purpose, Create a Compelling Written Life Vision
  • And Much More!
To explore a Telephone Coaching Relationship with Dr. Joe Rubino or Dr. Tom Ventullo, contact:


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To Purchase a 1-Year Coaching Program (50 Sessions) for $9500, CLICK HERE.

Our personal power is greatly enhanced by the ability to look ‘outside the box’ and explore that rich area of new possibilities we call “what we don’t know that we don’t know.” By its very nature, we typically have little access to the productivity-enhancing and life-changing breakthroughs that result from taking off the blinders and exploring this rich domain.

A coach is a person who is able to listen to where you are stopped or not totally realizing your full potential in life or in business and ask questions that support you in seeing something important that you had not realized before. A coach sources breakthroughs.

True coaches do not give advice or lend their opinions. They are value based, not ego based. They do not manipulate or exploit to carry out their own agenda. They are not the same as counselors or therapists. They do not try to protect, control or rescue those they are coaching. They instead listen for where one may be experiencing challenges or may be missing some key element that, if put into place, would impact a desired result. Coaches support us in seeing something that we may not be aware of by listening both to what we say and to what we leave out. They have empathy for the person being coached but are not emotionally attached to an outcome. They serve to champion people to have their lives work optimally. They do this by asking questions, exploring possibilities, making requests and, at times, confronting issues that may need to be examined.Skilled coaching is a fine art and a highly valuable service.

We, at The Center for Personal Reinvention offer confidential and impactful personal and business coaching to individuals and organizations. Whether your goal is to maximize your personal effectiveness, skyrocket your business growth, enhance the quality of your relationships, resolve conflicts or simply to request support in brainstorming “outside the box,” we are here to serve your needs and champion your excellence. Most often, 30 to 60 minute coaching sessions are conducted via telephone for 1 or 2 individuals or via teleconference bridge for groups ranging in size from 3 to 300. In-person coaching, group workshops and custom designed courses are also available by request.

Contact us today to schedule your first coaching session. We look forward to supporting you to maximize your happiness, productivity and personal power.

Joe I want to tell you how much I’ve appreciated our time coaching together. Your impact has been instrumental in helping me get unstuck and getting my life back on track. After going from earning multiple six figures to loosing everything with the crash of the mortgage industry you really came through for me at a time I needed it most. I feel because of your help and guidance my life is back on track and I’m coming back even stronger! I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship.

Your Friend,
Nick Owens
Phoenix, AZ

This is “just” a note to express my gratitude for all you have done for me and who you are. I respect and have benefited greatly from your work- especially on Self- Esteem. And your coaching of me has been the best. Your combination of compassion and holding my feet to the fire is excellent, so…Thank you Joe.

I appreciate you!

John Milton Fogg
Author, The Greatest Networker in the World

To learn more about the CPR breakthrough coaching program, email

Dr. Joe Rubino at DrJRubino@email

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