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The Legend of the Light-Bearers
A Fable About Personal Reinvention and Global Transformation

By Dr. Joe Rubino

Is it ever too late for a person to take on personal reinvention and transform his or her life? Can our planet right itself and reverse centuries of struggle, hatred and warfare? Are love, peace and harmony achievable possibilities for the world’s people? The Legend of the Light-Bearers is a tale about vision, courage and commitment, set in the magical world of Center Earth. In this much anticipated prequel to Dr. Joe Rubino’s internationally best-selling book, The Magic Lantern: A Fable about Leadership, Personal Excellence and Empowerment, the process of personal and global transformation is explored within the guise of an enchanting fable.

As the action unfolds in the world following the great flood and the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, this personal development parable explores the nature of hatred and resignation, the secrets to transformation, and the power of anger and the means to overcoming it and replacing it with love. It shows what can happen when people live values-based lives and are guided by their life purposes instead of their destructive moods and their need to dominate others. If ever our world needed a roadmap to peace and cooperation and our people, a guide to personal empowerment and happiness, they do now…and this is the book.



"Dr. Rubino reduces the complexity, materialism, and divisiveness of modernity into an imaginative fable giving us direction and wisdom along with an entertaining read."

------ - Richard D. Lamm
------ Three term Governor of Colorado

"The Legend of the Light-Bearers is a magical journey of an enlightened woman who, through her innocence, compassion, and love, brings out the inherent beauty in others and in the world she touches. This fable blends adventure and fantasy with very real messages of peace, harmony, and unity. I know that as you take this journey with Matilda, you will recognize and honor your own journey as a Light-Bearer.

------ - Lisa Hepner
------ Author, Peaceful Earth: Spiritual Perspectives on Inner Peace and World Peace

"Dr. Joe Rubino is simply a great story teller. The Legend of the Light-Bearers is both timely and much needed. Rubino’s ability to weave the intricate tapestries involved in the imaginary world together with an inspirational vision that absolutely compels his audience to aspire to ever higher ambitions, is remarkable.

------ - Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.
------ Director, Progressive Awareness Research, Inc.,
------ Author, Thinking Without Thinking: Who's In Control Of Your Mind?

"Dr Rubino uses his literary genius through this magical and compelling fable as a way of reminding us all of some of the most basic keys to a happy, balanced and satisfying life.  If you are still on your journey and in quest of tools to re-invent and re-ignite your inner spirit, this is a great book to gift yourself or anyone you love.

------ - Constance Dugan
------ Co-Founder, The Heart of Business

"A simple but profound little book about a girl named Matilda who reconnects us with the deeper truths of our purpose and the amazing way that we are all connected.

------ - Rachel Conerly
------ Partner, The Collaborative Institute, Inc.

"The Legend of the Light-Bearers is an enchanting parable that speaks to the many lessons our world desperately needs to learn today. It outlines the new paradigm of peaceful co-operation and personal excellence that must replace the need to dominate others, if our world and its people are to grow stronger and thrive.

------ - Bob Burg
------ Author, Winning Without Intimidation

"The Legend of the Light-Bearers is a beacon shinning a guiding light to a new way of life for our world and its people. What a great story of transformation for anyone young at heart!

------ - Dr. Tom Ventullo
------ President, The Center for Personal Reinvention

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