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The Magic Lantern
A Fable About Leadership

The Magic Lantern Brought Peace, Happiness, Success and Endless Possibilities To An Entire World. It Can Do The Same For Your World!



"In the world of self-esteem and personal development coaches, we find a prolific field of insightful and emerging talents but few have approached teaching like Dr. Joe Rubino. In his saga of The Legends of Light trilogy, The Magic Lantern is an empowering plethora of insightful teachings embodied in a mythical fable. Joe brings empowerment and growth to his readers by means of classic story telling and avoids the new cliché style of how-to non-fiction guide. The next logical and empowering step for Joe’s book trilogy is to transform these books into motion pictures and enlighten, educate, and entertain us all! A noble achievement for Joe and a must read for the young at heart."

------ - Michael J. Lasky
------ Producer, “Living Luminaries”

"An extraordinarily powerful window to experience the new leadership distinction."

------ - Richard Bliss Brooke
------ Author, Mach 2 With Your Hair on Fire

"A true gift of love and light to the world. Inspirationally moving and wonderfully entertaining."

------ - Cynthia Kersey
------ Author, Unstoppable


Set in the magical world of Center Earth, inhabited by dwarves, elves, goblins and wizards, The Magic Lantern is a tale of personal and spiritual development that teaches the keys to success, happiness and fulfillment. This fable examines what it means for people to take on making life work harmoniously by learning to become maximally effective with others.

Renowned personal development trainer, coach and veteran author, Dr. Joe Rubino tells the story of a group of dwarves and their young leader who go off in search of the secrets to a life that works, a life filled with harmony and endless possibilities and void of the regrets and upsets that characterize most people’s existence. With a mission to restore peace and harmony to their village in turmoil, the characters overcome the many challenges they encounter along their eventful journey. Through self-discovery, they develop the principles necessary to be the best that they can be as they step into leadership and lives of contribution to others.

------The Magic Lantern teaches us such noble lessons as:

the power of forgiveness
the meaning of responsibility and commitment

what ideal based leadership is really all about
the magic of belief and positive expectation
the value of listening as an art
the secret to mastering one’s emotions and actions
and much more!

It combines the spellbinding story telling reminiscent of Tolkien’s "The Hobbit" with the personal development tools of the great masters. The book’s intended audience is teens and adults.


"A life-changing, wisdom packed parable of self-discovery, leadership and success."

------ - Bob Burg
------ Author, Winning Without Intimidation
------ Available through: Ingram, Baker & Taylor

"Joe Rubino’s The Magic Lantern: A Fable About Leadership, Personal Excellence and Empowerment is a fable that examines just what it means to take on true leadership and become maximally effective with everyone you meet. Rubino draws upon his years of experience and expertise as a Personal Development Trainer to provide the reader with accessible and effective lessons regarding the power of forgiveness, the meaning of responsibility and commitment, what leadership is really all about, the transforming power of belief and positive expectations, the value of listening as an art, the secret to mastering emotions and actions, and a great deal more. The Magic Lantern is enthusiastically recommended reading for anyone seeking self-help, self-improvement insights and understandings for themselves and for their relationships with others."

------ - The Midwest Book Review, December 2000
------ Internet Bookwatch

"The Magic Lantern is a wonderful guide to growth, strength and empowerment, written as an easy-to-read enchanting fable. While Dr. Joe Rubino has given us a seemingly magical fairy tale, what the reader finds is a spell-binding path to leadership and personal excellence."

------ - Richard Fuller
------ Metaphysical Reviews

"The Magic Lantern which is a fast-paced, easy to understand, fable which teaches seven wonderful spiritual principles to live by. The gift of this book is its simplicity. This captivating tale draws in readers of all ages capturing your imagination from its very first pages as you join the main character Jake as he leads a group who go off in search of the secrets to a life that works, a life filled with harmony and endless possibilities and void of the regrets and upsets that characterize most people's lives."

------ - Inspired Lifestyles

"Once in a while a book comes along that you want to share with everyone - the kind of book that you read to your children. A book that is both enthralling and inspirational. A book that builds confidence and esteem while providing tools that forever reside within you. Such a book is the new release by Dr. Joe Rubino, "The Magic Lantern: A Fable About Leadership, Personal Excellence and Empowerment.

Dr. Rubino leads the reader on an adventure with young Jake through an underworld
populated by mythical characters bound by the same sort of self limitations, such as fear, anger, greed, laziness and so forth, that most everyone has encountered at some time in their lives. These characters, including my favorite, Nilrem (which is Merlin backwards) offer a variety of lessons to each other that come together cohesively in a better than happy ever after ending.

The book is great fun, easy to read and full of different levels of meaning. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent or single, young or even younger, you will love the empowering story that unfolds in The Magic Lantern. It is well worth the read!"

------ - Dr. Eldon Taylor
------ Author, Thinking Without Thinking

"The Magic Lantern is a true gift of love and light to the world. Inspirationally moving and wonderfully entertaining, it's a magical tale about an unstoppable commitment to leadership, personal development and impacting others to be happy, effective and powerful. Take on the lessons it conveys and you'll make a great difference in the lives you'll touch and in your own life as well."

------ - Cynthia Kersey
------ Author, Unstoppable

"Just want to thank you for your contribution to my life. ‘The Magic Lantern’ is amazing. I read it to my daughter. She has had a difficult time at school this year with some of her friends. I always wondered in the back of my mind if I was coaching her the right way and your book reinforced that I was. I again explained to her that her friends are just acting the best they know how. I am so thankful for how the book has helped me to look at things and in turn I can help my children and impact them at such a young age. My daughter already has talked about her life's purpose. She is huge on contribution and love. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Again, Thank you so much for this book. It is wonderful! I really get what it means to act out of your commitment to something vs. what is convenient. I could go on forever."

------ - Gayle Driscoll
------ RN, Proud Mom, Chicago, IL


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