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The Success Code, Book II
More Authentic Power Principles for Creating Your Dream Life

AUTHOR: Dr. Joe Rubino

Timeless wisdom for people who want to have it all -- success, happiness, rich relationships, material abundance and a life characterized by inner peace and true contentment. THE SUCCESS CODE series is a comprehensive personal development course that will enrich every aspect of your life. Incorporate the success principles presented and watch your world miraculously transform to grant your every wish.

------With this book, you will:

Discover the keys to unlock the door to success and happiness in life.
Learn how your “listening” determines what you attract to you.

And how to shift your “listening” to access your personal power.
See how creating a clear intention can cause miracles to manifest.
Learn the secrets to making powerful requests.
Discover how to fully connect with and champion others to realize their greatness.
Learn to create interpretations that support your excellence and avoid those that foster mediocrity.
Develop the power to speak and act from your commitments.
See how communication with others can eliminate unwanted life conditions.
Discover the secret to being happy and eliminating daily upsets.
Learn how to put an end to gossip and stop giving away your power.
Develop the ability to live with direction and purpose and discover what it’s costing you not to do so…and more!
And more!

------Editorial Reviews

Dr. Joe Rubino's books are profoundly life-changing. The principles and experiences he outlines can cause transformational breakthroughs in all aspects of life: business, personal, family, financial and recreational. Dr. Joe's genius in communicating life experience and empowerment is manifested in an easy-to-apply format. It s a must for everyone wishing to be the best they can be.

------ - Dr. Tom Ventullo
------ President, The Center for Personal Reinvention

Even with knowledge, passion and purpose, success in any endeavor can be road-blocked by our own blind spots. The success principles in Dr. Joe Rubino's books unlock our greatest winning potential. If you're up for breakthrough success and a tool to unlock the answers within, here is your guide!

------ - Connie Dugan
------ Director, The Heart of Business

THE SUCCESS CODE books are models of reader friendly accessibility as Rubino relates the keys to accessing personal power, including the skills of listening, creating a structure for maximizing effectiveness and fully connecting with others, eliminating daily upsets, honoring core values, ending gossip, developing personal charisma, and more. Very highly recommended additions to any personal or professional self-help, self-improvement, self-discovery studies program.

------ - The Midwest Book Review


Sample Chapters

Detaching from Your Emotions

Listening Your Way to Greatness

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