The Certified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation Program (CC SEE or C3)

The Certified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation Program is a unique year long (50 week) training and coaching program developed and overseen by Dr. Joe Rubino in partnership with other Certified Coaches of The Center for Personal Reinvention. The program will consist of weekly personal or group coaching / training calls during which participants will be coached and learn to coach others. Also included in the program is a 2 and ½ day in person coaching and support structure held once yearly called “The C3 Weekend Experience” typically held in the Greater Boston area.

To follow are just a sampling of what program participants will learn and experience.

  • Experience personal transformation in all six key areas of life
  • Experience The Self Esteem System coaching principles in their own lives as they elevate their level of self esteem with the intention of mastering these principles so as to be able to impact the lives of others through the coaching experience
  • Create a project that will significantly move their life or business forward powerfully with measureable results
  • Claim total responsibility for everything that shows up in their lives
  • Step into their personal power and maximize their effectiveness and charisma
  • Relinquish their victim status in any area of life
  • Dramatically enhance their listening and communication skills
  • Learn the coaching skills that will allow their coaching clients to “get unstuck” and empower their lives
  • Clear the desks, rid themselves of energy draining behaviors and move their lives forward deliberately and powerfully
  • Enhance their ability to tap into the law of attraction while manifesting their intentions and life vision with clarity, belief, and positive expectation
  • Learn to implement the three components of The Self Esteem System in their own lives while acquiring the skills to coach others to do the same
  • Come to terms with what they are avoiding in life while breaking through any limitations
  • Develop the art of stimulating creative conversations for possibilities and action
  • Identify their prevalent listening attitudes while recognizing those that do not support their person power, charisma, or happiness
  • Clearly be able to identify their own addictive emotional responses and the secrets to effectively managing these upsets…while being competent at supporting their coaching clients to do the same
  • Heal and complete their past and learn how to coach others to do the same
  • Accurately assess their present life in all areas and learn to coach others to do the same
  • Design a compelling future fueled by an inspirational vision that includes the identification of gifts, passions, goals, values, life purpose and power declarations…and learn to coach others to do the same
  • Identify areas where they are withholding anything of value from others and therefore not experiencing life fully
  • Create and implement a plan for accessing the world’s abundance
  • Heal and enhance all significant relationships
  • Eliminate unwanted behaviors including lies, undermining, jealously, and gossip
  • Clean up any resentment, wrongdoings, or withheld communication
  • Maximize their ability to recognize and act on serendipitous opportunities
  • Live with integrity and peace of mind
  • Resolve and manage any control issues
  • Learn the secret to enjoying the process of life and maintaining enthusiasm, empowerment, and positive expectation
  • Communicate intentionally, transparently, and with power
  • Experience a dramatically enhanced relationship to problems
  • Support themselves and others to gain clarity regarding their commitments with a newfound freedom to tell the truth responsibly
  • Shed light on the ways they and others generate sympathy and live with self pity and victim status
  • Acquire a structure for coaching clients to elevate their self esteem and make their lives work optimally
  • Develop the distinctions essential to increase productivity and achieve success in any endeavor
  • Identify the missing elements to support a life of no regrets
  • Implement the three keys to self-esteem elevation and eliminating resentment
  • Assist others to learn the secret to conquering addictive anger, depression or worry
  • Learn the secrets to living life as a player, including the art of making powerful requests and promises and taking action consistent with one’s values and in alignment with one’s life purpose
  • Learn the art of living life as a coach by listening and communicating with maximum power and effectiveness
  • Possess the ability to be the source of insights, breakthroughs, and paradigm shifts for coaching clients
  • Recognize the invisible forces that have clients do the things that do not support their happiness, peace of mind, relationships, abundance, fulfillment and personal power and be able to support them to shift away from unproductive behaviors as they recognize the costs of these behaviors
  • Acquire the ability to support others to release unwanted conditions
  • Learn the power of playing at stake and how doing so can speed results
  • Recognize unproductive background conditions such as resignation, resentment, confusion, skepticism, mistrust, or other reactive states that do not support the client
  • Craft conversations that generate action and move life forward
  • Identify the most common characteristics of self-sabotage and how to support others to exit the downward spiral

Participants who successfully complete the Certified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation (C3) Program will receive certification by The Center for Personal Reinvention as a qualified Coach in Self Esteem Elevation. This certification may allow successful candidates to work in partnership with The Center for Personal Reinvention as openings allow on a paid basis or coach on their own as a Certified Coach.

The fee of $11,995 covers all course materials, training and coaching sessions by phone or during the C3 Weekend Experience.

Transportation, meals and lodging for the C3 Weekend Experience are not included in this fee. As a strong commitment to the year long C3 Program is essential for success, the fee is payable in full and non-refundable.
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