Are You Ready To Have Your Company’s Culture Re-invented?

The Center For Personal Re-invention specializes in transforming people and companies to be maximally productive and effective with others. CPR designed the following Self-Assessment Test to determine a company’s interest in shifting its culture and interpersonal relationships to be the best that they can be. By answering the following 20 questions, you can determine your own Company’s Potential for Re-invention.

Company Vision

Are all employees crystal clear about what your company’s vision for the future is and how that vision relates to them? Do they speak it often so as to inspire others?

Yes  No

Company Culture

Do you have a clearly defined company culture with a set of cultural commitments that define who you are as an inspirational team in the world?

 Yes  No

Company Atmosphere

Do all team members know that there is an opening for new ideas and possibilities to be explored and welcomed ?

 Yes  No

Commitment To Leadership Development

Do you have a leadership development program that focuses on team building, interpersonal communications skills and conflict resolution expertise?

 Yes  No

Communication Level

Would you describe the “listening level” that team members have for each other at all levels as a “generous, empowered listening” ?

 Yes  No

Partnership Quotient

Are strong, mutually rewarding partnerships the norm in your company?

 Yes  No

Customer Connectedness

Would most of your customers say that your company has a strong commitment to supporting them to have their needs met in a way that honors your partnership with them?

 Yes  No

Learning And Growing

Would most of your team members say that brain-storming new and even potentially radical ideas are welcomed and encouraged to be shared by those in charge?

 Yes  No

Work Is Play

Most of your team members would say that they love the challenges that their work provides and wouldn’t consider leaving your company even for a significant raise in pay.

 Yes  No

Openness To Change

Are your employees and management team usually willing to try on new possibilities by thinking “out of the box”?

 Yes  No

Company Mood

Is there present a general expectation in your company that things will always improve and change for the better without a feeling of resignation that “that’s just the way things are”?

 Yes  No

Team Spirit

Do your team members operate out of a 100% commitment to the success of the company and the other team members without an expectation that there has to be “something in it for me”?

 Yes  No

Making Others Great

Is there present in your company an expectation that everyone is committed to the excellence of everyone else in an environment that promotes personal development, empowerment and general excellence ?

 Yes  No

Quality Of The Working Environment

Is there a structure in place to facilitate communication, resolve conflicts and provide for a positive working environment conducive to fun and productivity?

 Yes  No

Clarity Of Purpose

Do your people know exactly what is expected of them and have access to support in achieving their personal and company goals with velocity?

 Yes  No

Company Focus

Is a commitment to productivity, mutuality, harmony and partnership the rule?

 Yes  No

Investing In The Future

Is your company investing in its future by developing “do the right thing” self-motivated leaders?

 Yes  No

Undertaking Responsibility

Are all members of your management team clear about their personal responsibility to positively impact their fellow team members and their company to achieve breakthrough performance?

 Yes  No

Coaching Resources

Do your people have competent coaches to turn to who can support them to break through their stops and maximize their potential for excellence?

 Yes  No

Clear And Specific Goals

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Does every leader in your company have a well defined three to six month project based upon a sound action plan that includes measurable milestones and specific conditions of satisfaction?

 Yes  No

If you did not answer YES to the majority of the above questions, there is great potential to take your company to new heights in productivity, leadership development and prominence while increasing morale, interpersonal communications skills and effectiveness.

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