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Conversations For Success™

The Experiential Course

With this course YOU will:

  • Uncover the secrets to accessing your personal power and maximizing your productivity.
  • Create a structure for sky-rocketing your effectiveness with others.
  • Learn how taking total responsibility for every aspect of your business can result in breakthrough performance.
  • Discover what the key elements are to a detailed action plan and how to reach your goals in record time.
  • Acquire the keys to listening and communicating effectively and intentionally.
  • Learn how to generate conversations and develop the charisma necessary to attract others to your business.

Does any of the following describe you?

  • You want to succeed but are not sure exactly what it will take or why you are not.
  • You live in hope that you’ll find success in your business.
  • You have good intentions but just can’t seem to sustain the level of activity that you know you would need to maintain to succeed.
  • You’re in constant action, but just can’t seem to get ahead in the business.
  • You can get yourself in action for a while but are lacking any structure to get or keep the momentum going.
  • You have done pretty well but your business has not nearly reached the level of success you know it can.

Contrast this with what is possible.

  • You are building your business on purpose and according to a detailed plan you have designed with the support of your coaches.
  • You are attracting others to you as a charismatic, successful business person and leader.
  • You have re-invented yourself to live your values, manage your time and commitments and take on those qualities you have only before admired in others.
  • You have gained the necessary “success distinctions” that cause you to need to work less while producing a far greater result.
  • You have developed the qualities necessary to not only provide for your own success but are now seen as an inspirational leader by others.

In short, building a business can either be an uphill struggle that looks like something you have to survive or it can be a daring and successful adventure played full out in partnership with others.

You get to choose which it will be.

The Conversations For Success Course Can Support You To Develop The Tools You’ll Need To Build A Successful Business With Velocity!

Who Should Take The Conversations For Success Course


The Course is intended for people who are ready to make a commitment to their own success. If you are willing to champion others and be championed by them in return, the course will support you in creating an accountability structure that will have you more fully access your personal power and effectiveness in building a networking business.

As the course is NOT about information and NOT a training course, it is difficult to appreciate the full benefit from an outline alone. The course will focus on impacting results while creating a structure that provides for continuing accomplishment.

Some of the Topics Covered Include The Following.

  • The Elements of Accomplishment
  • Your Relationship To Problems
  • Breaking Though Your Stops
  • Living Your Vision
  • Acting Out Of Your Commitments
  • The Value Of Coaching Relationships
  • How To Persuasively Influence Others
  • Maximizing Your Personal Power and Effectiveness
  • Connecting With Others
  • Designing Your Life On Purpose
  • Listening To Maximize Your Results
  • How To Effectively Forward The Action And Bring About A Desired Result
  • Living Out Of Your Declaration
  • Designing A Detailed Game Plan To Achieve Your Intended Success
  • Creating A Support Structure To Champion Your Success Creating A Structure For Getting Feedback On Increasing Your Effectiveness
  • Your Profile As A Leader
  • Identifying What Limits Your Personal Power
  • Designing Your Future
  • Playing At Stake
  • Grounding Your Business Plan

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